Thursday, July 4, 2024

Carmellas Quinn Romper Fatpack


The romper "Quinn" from Carmella is incredibly well made, tight fitting with the cutest little sleeve and quite a lot of cleavage. The texture is flawless and in the fatpack this comes with a hud with a wide selection of amazing colors and two different texture options. I will be using this quite a lot especially since it also fits nicely under many other clothing items so mixing and matching often is possible. I did end up using a nipple cover layer from Izzie. It's not strictly necessary, but I preferred the look. I also found that Baby Monkeys Relay Sneakers at 10 lindens on Marketplace match perfectly to a lot of the colors in this color hud, including the color I chose here on the photo. Hair is equally inexpensive - it's Limerance Vita hair fatpack promo at 1 linden on Marketplace. Sometimes almost free IS quite nice products! The ring I made myself, it's not for sale at the moment. The watch was a gift from a dear friend and the necklace is from Likka House: "Tiny rose choker", their Boho Culture Fair gift from 2018, also unfortunately no longer available. Did I mention Carmella is one of our incredibly talented and skilled students at Blender School

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Monday, July 1, 2024

Miamai Bruna Lingerie in Rosa


The Miamai Bruna Lingerie is a beautiful BoM set that fits Starmesh body perfectly. It does require all three of the private parts to be turned off in the hud so they don't stick through the lingerie. That's an easy operation in the hud though and the result is quite stunning considering it's a baked texture. The new option for larger textures 2048x2048 truly comes into play here with intricate details in the set. The lingerie was on sale in the store this weekend and comes in several beautiful colors to chose from. Hair is again one of the awesome free ones from Tram: F1201. The necklace is Celestines Heart and pearls necklace, that is already featured on this blog elsewhere.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

M&M Bejeweled Bikini


The bejeweled Bikini from Merc and Mindgarten is a beautiful intricately decorated set with many options for wearing. In the image above I wear all the parts, but wrap and various parts of the jewels can all be detached if you want to go for a simpler look. The set comes in multiple colors, all available as fatpacks or as single colors. I went for the cranberry shade here. Hair is the free F519 from Tram. Also I had a lot of fun with this photograph playing with the Starmesh body wet look, that is available in the base body hud.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

GoodVibes Jacqueline Set


GoodVibes Jacqueline set in the color "Rumcake". It's combined with the Star Mesh Body's own Turtleneck Sleeves Top and shoes from Lotus: Maria peep toes. The shoes are unfortunately no longer available. Body and head: Star Mesh Body. Hair: Tram B428 "shell". The hair is free at Tram's store inworld (together with a bunch of other older but super cute updos and short hairs).

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Monday, June 3, 2024

M&M Off Shoulder Dress in Black Leather

Merc and Mindgarten created this sexy "Off-Shoulder Slit Dress" in  Black Leather. It is available in the inworld store, while their marketplace has the full perm variant of the same dress. The panties are Star Mesh own freebie "Wildside Fatpack" outfit from the Star Mesh Body main store. Body and Head: Star Mesh, Hair: BonBon Jessie. Tattoos are gifts from Marketplace from Manaos tattoos: Flowers V36 and Swirl V5

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Monday, May 20, 2024

Starz Devotions Rave Jeans and Crop Top


Starz Devotions Rave Jeans and Crop Top are really cool in the shimmering blue, pink and purple colors. The top offers a selection of three different textures, all with materials, normal-map and specular-map to really give the nice defined details. The denim jacket is from the Star Babe Blue Jean Set from the same creator. Body and Head: Star Mesh Body. Hair: Emotions: Chara

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StarEnsemble Ankle Boots


StarEnsemble Ankle Boots

Star Ensembles Ankle Boots. It's a bit of shame I hid them under pants in the previous post. They are pretty awesome and full perm. They can be turned furry or simple leather or a number of combinations since there's a ton of faces and the fur layer is linked so it can be removed entirely too. The image here just showcase the boots out of the box with various tints and faces turned on or off. Boots to the left with the baked leather texture and the top ankle fur layer turned on. Boots to the right just with the AOmap as texture and tinted fur all over. They both have normal-map and specular-map of course to get the nice material effects. Anything is possible with these boots. They have zipper at the back and buttons at the side and both of these features can be turned on or off as you like too. Goon and I created these together for StarEnsemble.

If you are up for tinting and/or retexturing rezz the boots out on a nice clean surface. There's a LOT of faces to chose from and it wont be easy to hit right when worn. Everything is rigged though so if it gets too hard to select through the fur layer just select the whole fur part and move it up a bit then its easier to get to the actual boot. move the layer back down when done. Since it's rigged it will snap back to its exact right position when worn.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

StarEnsemble Flared Pants


StarEnsembles Flared pants. Those are made full perm for creators to create their own products from. All UVmaps are straightened and optimized for easy texturing. There's a ton of materials and seams, buttons, belt and belt loops can be delinked to get rid off if needed. Normalmaps, AOs and UVMaps are of course included. The pants comes with the flare inset as its own material as depicted here - or just as a integral part of the regular pants texture. The flared pants are made to fit over high heels, in this photo it's the StarEnsemble Ankle Boots peeking out under there. The top is the StarEnsemble Wrap Crop Top. Body and Head: Star Mesh Body. Hair: Truth: Vivid

StarEnsemble Slingshot and Paeo

My first item for StarEnsemble was the Slingshot with Paeo. It is full perm for anyone to play with the textures for it, so the sky is the limit here! I went for stripes for the paeo and a purple silky fabric for the slingshot in the base pack of the full perm. Body and head: Star Mesh Body, Hair: Blackburns: Modern monster hair 

Star Mesh Body Lingerie

Star Mesh Body Lingerie

Let's start with the basics. This Lingerie set comes with the Star Mesh Body purchase. It's basic but incredibly well made, super smooth, hugging the skin and with materials to give it that perfect fabric feel. I tinted it slightly here to fit the shot. Because it's mod it is possible to tint to have it fit any outfit. I LIKE mod items. When I create mesh for the body I try as best I can to have my items fit nicely over this. Body and head: Star Mesh Body, Hair: Magika: Amy

The Heart and Pearls Necklace

Celestines Heart and Pearls Necklace

Celestines Heart and Pearls Necklace 2.0 is available for Star Mesh Body and Maitreya, this little rigged necklace is my own creation. It's available in my store "Celestines" in the Langdale sim. The necklace comes with a HUD to change metal and pearl textures. Body and Head: Star Mesh Body, Hair by Tram: G0718.

Taxi to "Celestines" inworld in Langdale:

Welcome to Celestial Star Styles

Welcome to my blog. 

In this spot I endeavor to showcase my play with styles on the Star Mesh Body in Second Life. Some models are my own mesh work, some are full perm I bought elsewhere, but textured myself and some are just nice finds I bought to mix and match with what I already own. 

I will attempt to mark where to get the stuff I showcase here as best I can. Some items I might have textured but haven't gotten to set for sale just yet. If you want the piece holler at me and I'll sped up the process :) You can find me inworld under the same name as here: Celestine Ghiardie

You might have seen some of the photos here before. I do collaborate with the Star Mesh Body creator and so some of my photographic work might have been showcased there too. I am one of the mesh creators at  the full perm store "StarEnsemble", I also contribute as mesher/texturer in the "SewNSew" store. And finally I have my own little store "Celestines". 

That said in this little corner of the internet I will of course make sure to showcase items from those stores, but I hope to showcase any awesome styles that any creator might release for the Star Mesh Body here. I would especially love to showcase work from my clothes creation students at the Blender School, so get to work my friends ;)

I have a bit of a backlog to get posted here, so the first posts will be machine gun posted as I get the images ready. Future updates here will depend on my free time available, so I can't promise there will be new posts here every day or every week or even every month. We shall see. I do need time to create those mesh items in Blender too at times. 

And since this body is my main focus on the blog, here's the fast track to 

Getting the Star Mesh Body and Head on Marketplace

If you need help with setting the body up I made a little Youtube tutorial series on it.

If you need the developer kit to create your own items for the body the Application Page is your guarantee, that you will get the updates to the developer kit files, when they are released. It's NOT difficult to get the kit, the application page is only there to support you and sending updates to you. 

If you need help creating for Star Mesh Body, you are more than welcome to join the Blender School. I'll be around to help with skinning and weight painting in Blender in our Blender School Discord.

And finally for curious browsing here is my entire stash of my CTS Wardrobed Star Mesh Body items, aka pretty much everything I own that might work for Star Mesh Body (without using the conform body that is). if you'd like that CTS Wardrobe for organizing your own items I very much recommend the system.

So finally, without further ado lets get that awesome Star Mesh Body clothed :)

Welcome to Celestial Star Styles

Welcome to my blog.  In this spot I endeavor to showcase my play with styles on the Star Mesh Body in Second Life. Some models are my own me...